I grew up staying away from fire,

From falling in water and from being a liar,

Some things turned out to be good for me,

But not the fire and not the sea,

There’s one thing that life has taught me,

The farther you run the closer you’ll be,

Yes it’s scary; yes it will hurt,

Yes, it will feel like a punch that thrashes you in dirt,

But trust me beyond that there’s a point,

A point where it will all make sense,

That, why you made all that fuss and were always tense.

What’s the point if you live but aren’t alive?

Where would it take you if the path is all mushy and plain?

Try to take a leap,

Even if you can’t see,

feel vulnerable,

Let it rip your heart out,

Because maybe that’s the risk that you have to take,

That’s a mistake you must make.