I have often heard of how hope is a good thing.
And how good things never die.
Probably true in movies.
And fairy tales.
or nightmares.
The idea of how everything would be all right in the end sounds like an artificial idea.
Like a fabric stitched around all that mess to somehow cover it all and make it all nice and tidy.
The very idea of how everything would be good eludes me.
It shouldn’t be.
How else would you savour those gaps of numbness between the terror of spices?
The very idea of happiness is to understand that you cannot be always happy.
And here we are,
Seeking happiness all our life.
It is indeed ironical though.
We say “we just get one life”
And then we say “Till death do us apart”
We give so much value to the end that we forget the journey.
See how imperfect we are?
What started as a discussion of hope ended up being a discussion of life and happiness.
God no.
Of course they aren’t connected.
We just think they are.
Life is just there.
We just let it mean so much to us.