Like the sea comes back and forth,
Loving the shore but bounded by an oath.
I guess we’re bounded by something as well,
Like a pearl is bound to come out from a shell.
But there are some times when you have to defer from your role,
Even if you have to be that foolish fish who parted from the shoal.
You have to take a leap because that’s all it takes,
That’s the tipping point where the records break.
But listen to me,
And listen to me hard,
This isn’t any trump card.
You may fail for that’s how it works,
A Phoenix still dies even after a million re-births.
But you’ve got to take a blind shot,
And hope that you hit that dot.
And that’s how powerful yet helpless you can be,
Either rise or fall and be known for the same,
Or become invisible till infinity.