We are the travelers of time,
Traveling from where the future lies.
We are the children of sun and moon,
Of songs of fire with silent tunes.
We travel therefore we are,
We are the nonchalance of tides,
Drowning in love but keeping each other alive.
As we fly past the shores of sea,
We create infinity wild and free.
Like notes of a great melody,
We might not make sense but can surely be;
Be those who move mountains and dunes,
And be like god’s own tune.
As I watch my eyes turn heavy,
and seagulls crying out their heart,
I wish to myself to take us to the start.
But until then I put my hand in yours,
I do it often or always for all I remember,
It feels like the medicine that cures.
And as we sleep under the starry skies,
I couldn’t help but deny,
We have been death’s own unborn child,
And let us live before we die.
Let the universe be our tent,
And let’s promise to make a huge dent.
Dent which says we were here.
Here now, here forever.
Let us be travellers,
Let us be gods,
Let us be humans,
Let’s challenge the odds.
And hope that each challenge is worthy as it claims,
And hope that it touches our souls and makes a place.
Let us be everything and nothing at all,
Let us be the days, let us be the nights,
And even if this doesn’t make sense;
Let it be,
Let’s be zeroes and infinite.