Every touch of yours unsettles every move of mine.
Moves to undo what you did to me.
Undo the introduction to the myriad of possibilities.
Possibilities of versions in which we could’ve been.
Been together and there and difficult, unstable but still exist.
Exist in this cruel, gruesome world where no good thing lives.
Lives to prove just one point.
Point being that it need not be simple and need be anything but chaotic.
Chaotic at its roots,
The same roots that hold everything together and proves how paradoxical it can be,
Paradoxical the same way like the air,
Air which nurtures and can also suffocate,
Suffocate every little strand of hope,
Hope, that is good and yet cruel,
Cruel and yet necessary,
Necessary to make you understand,
Understand that pain and love are together; forever,
Forever like the affair of zeros and infinite,
Infinite; the way you make me feel everytime,
Every time you touch me.