I sat on the sands of time,
Watched the past go as if it wasn’t mine.
And I waited for eternity; just to see,
See the future where you’d be with me.
I heard the songs of dreams as I waited,
And glued my eyes to the horizon as I fall asleep,
But woke up just in time as I had promises to keep.
I was touched by love,
And it burned me hard,
Made me invincible and left me scarred.
And now I won’t fail to mention,
How I still miss you; event in the Nth dimension,
And I realize it now,
How it has always been,
Me falling for you;
You being the red for my blue.
Me feeling the pain;
All seems as right as rain.
I realize it now,
as it makes my stomach churn;
as I long for another scar,
Another burn.
And I hope that there comes a day,
leaves turn brown,
the sun shines,
and the sky is all blue,
I would be right where I belong,
With you.
But until then,
I must do what I do best,
Go down the road,
Feared by the rest.
The path itself is the parchment where we wrote,
Wrote the stories of us both.
And our footprints became the ink,
Which can even make the stars sink.
What shall I do now?
Should I wait?
Should I go and tell our tale
and let my promises fail?
Or shall I wait and wait,
and wait,
And keep faith the fate;
Let the world forget who we are,
Wait till you come to give me another scar.

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