I know that you’re galaxies away,
I know that it would always be that way.
But a heart yearns what it yearns.
I know it will have to pay the price;
To embrace the petals,
You have to be scarred by thorns.
And it is like the ink which leaves its mark,
And I hope that ours would be a piece of art.
So let us break the barriers of sound,
let ours be the story that they tell,
to the lovers of the sun and the lover of the land.
I can feel the pain you once felt,
It reaches out to me,
Beyond the stars,
Even though we are light years apart.
Don’t tell me you’ve given up now,
Don’t tell me you will break the vow.
Forget not what you once said,
“I will be the zero to your one,
zero being the very reason for the existence of one,
while we’re far we’ll contain the galaxies inside,
and together we will create infinite”
Now Now wake up from the sleep so deep,
Your prince can’t come to give you that wake-up kiss.
He is here all lonely and low,
Everything trying to kill him or giving him a deadly blow.
But there’s hope
and love
and magic at work.
Everytime I close my eyes I see that oak tree,
And beneath that; us; you reading out your vows to me.
Hush now, hush to sleep,
Wait for me but don’t you weep,
And do wake up and you shall find,
As I come down, tearing the fabric of time,
As I come down, to take what’s mine.