The world is deceiving you about the sense of entitlement.
the earth, fire, water, air bundled up in a packet like M&Ms.
the batter of ideas and dreams,
ambitions and beliefs.
the vessel that ages, withers and dies,

Let me tell you this,
They lied.

They lied about the things that you deserve.
No. Nyet. Nahi. Negative.

You are NOT entitled to anything.
Not Freedom.

The years of struggle,
Sands that lay beneath you;
which carries the screams ,blood, sweat and tears.
tears of fear and pity,
of sadness and joy,
they scream every now and then,
more frequently now a days,
that you…
YOU don’t deserve freedom.

Not Love.

That girl in 11th grade.
Yes, the one whose eyelashes struck you like arrows of cupid.
Yes, the one who would touch the chords in your heart that you didn’t even know existed.

It was just a stroke of luck that you got a chance at love.

yes, that was a once in a lifetime thing that you thought will last a lifetime…
ended in 6 months.

Not even a future.

Graduation at 22.
Job at 23.
Masters at 25.
Marriage at 27.
Kids at 30.
Happily ever after later on.


2 days to your 24th.
GJ AL 2906.
Shards of glass.

You were in the newspaper next day.
The only time you will ever make headlines.

No, you’re not even entitled to be famous.

They are lying when they tell you that you deserve to be happy.


They keep on feeding you sugar coated cyanide.
And you suck it.
Like honeybees.
Like children sucking on their ice-cream.

And it will lead you to the only thing you are entitled to.


Artwork by Megha Sharma