As we hold hands there comes a question,
A rhetorical that wants an answer.
I know what you’re going to say,
How could we ever be?
“The Sun and the Sea?
The Moon and the Wolf?
What, are you crazy?”
Maybe I am,
And I see your eyes squint;
In approval.
Remember the dreams these humans have?
How Naive and Brave they are at the same time.
Why can’t we be that too?
Turn a blind eye to the obvious,
As if it’s an illusion re-named as truth.
Oh yes! it is improbable, no?
How can it ever be?
Well look at us as we stand on the shore,
I; yearning for the wind, You; dying for the sea.
Oh we had already crossed the awe;
When you fell for me.
The world gasped; the society cussed;
And as fate and destiny laughed;
Reality hissed,
“You can not be one;
Don’t be fools;
You are too good to be true,
You are beacons of what will never be,
Your existence (together) has chances
less than fantasy, or null or a lochness monster in the sea”
And yet here we are;
Defying every law there could be;
Trying to explain Love;
once and for all;
And as we scream,
our echo reaches the infinity.
We are always going to be,
Close to each other;
Just not close enough.