I am the ideal Y, yes the same that you have been looking at; as they stare at you like an animal eyeing its prey.
Oh, not clear?
The same one that gets its value evaluated at the time he promises to be a personal demon to a woman; when he gets the right to vandalize her like the ocean has the right when the shallow rivers and it becomes one.
Just making it clear, though, I need not because all of us are the same right?
But yeah, here, I will list out the differences between an animal and the man and wait for you to scratch them off the list and put them under the column of “strikingly similar”
But wait, Why am I telling you all this?
You already know who I am,
You know me so well that you list out what I need and need not be.
You have even laid a to-do list for me.

It is easy to be me, you don’t need a cheat sheet, you see.
Just smile and be the tough one in the family,
Bruise your cheeks and knees but “don’t come home leaving a fight”
because “that’s not what boys do.”
But there are some things that even YOU are not allowed to do;
so much for the liberty right?
What are those? Well, they are not as cruel as for your counterparts,
But let them succumb you and you dare not give out a cry for help,
because “that’s not what boys do.”

We too are at fault you know?
We are at fault for not letting them know that we not as similar as the drops of rain.
We all are different but shh they don’t know.
Well, that was an apt analogy if you were wondering,
How can one say the drops are different or same if all they do is
act all the same and be called rain or drown in the puddles that are termed as dirty.
I know I am not making a lot of sense but we haven’t really been taught that.
What have we been taught?
Just be stoic because that’s how you should be.
Don’t let a strand of emotion go out or…
Or what? Oh nothing, they will question your masculinity.
At all cost what you must not do is cry,
And fill your bottles of ego with every tear that you didn’t shed,
And shadow your senses till all your souls become the same.
Don’t ever try to stand out and show who you really are,
Don’t ever try to come out and be vulnerable;
because “that’s not what boys do”

Ah the to-do list, I almost forgot. Here it is.
Grow some balls, pick up fights.
be called the pride of the family.
Take Karate lessons or Sports, what? Dance. That’s girlish.
Try to act all grown but because that’s the need of the hour.
Choose a career path which can help you sustain because that’s the need of the hour.
From now on,
There’s more,
Pink. No Pink.
Why? Really?
I told you
That’s not what we do.

Take your bottles of ego and pour it like acid on the women of your lives.
Take control of the lives that are near you because that’s not only your right but duty.
Abuse. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally.
Rip those clothes of every woman you see. First in your head.
And let the demons take over you and do what you did in your head.
Make every stare,glare,whistle a call for reminding them their place in the ecosystem.
Sip coffee, read a newspaper and comment on every single thing that you lay eyes on because that’s what you do while she cooks and washes.
And if that’s not enough then ask for what you want in bed and if she doesn’t cooperate; rape her. that’s legal by the way. (not that it makes a difference)
Paint the walls when you feel like and jerk off at every woman you feel like.
Rules have exceptions. They are just for the weaker sex.
Don’t ever have feelings for other men.
Remember, holding hands is not cool. If you’re gay then maybe you are not a man after all.
This who you are.
This is what we are.
This is what they know of you.
This is what they think of you.

I am the ideal Y,
You are too.
You’re “different”?
Doesn’t matter.
Because they don’t get it.