How does it feel?

When you are having a big crush on someone?

How does it feel?

When you see a photo of her on your news feed.When you get a message notification, and how you wish “let it be her”!

I will tell you how it exactly feels.

You can’t sit straight.

 You feel damn uneasy.

Like your stomach is paining, but no, it is not paining.

You put a hand on your tummy and you can feel butterflies inside. 

You smile foolishly when you think of her. 

Your heart beats fast.

You tap your feet. Your hands do that small dance while she is “typing”                           

You assume what her answer would be and type it, just because you want to.

Maybe also to impress her.You delete the text when your prediction goes bonkers.

You send a lot of emoticons.

You suddenly feel less sleepy.

You feel an urge to save money,hoping that you will go on a date soon, and then hoping that you will ask soon!

Your throat remains dry, and you act to gulp a saliva to give that “I am shocked” effect when she says “yes, I am single,  wbu?”

While you always hoped, that ” god! Please yeh single ho”

And you will ask this question after around 20 chat conversation, delaying because you have following questions in your mind, 

“Is it too soon to ask?”

               “Bura to nai manegi na?”           

“yaar nai janna, dil toot jayega khamakha!”

Then coming to a decision,

“Pata to chal  jaaye!”

You think you are looking average or she is too good for you. That she is out of your league. You hesitate.

You go romantic. You plan a short future with her.But you are too much of a “guy” to admit it.Even to yourself.

You get irritated when some random guy comments on her pic.

You feel so good when she says bye at 10:59 and her last seen shows 11:00

You fear your past.You fear that she won’t like you back.You just want to know everything about her, in one go.

You wish you are her “type”

Your normal conversation would be like,

Friend: Hey, BRB, 😀

You: Yea, K

But with her,

Crush: Hey, BRB 😉

You: yea, Okaaaaay waiting 🙂

A long extended approval instead of just a “K”, just because you feel that these small things will make her understand how you feel for her.

But she won’t understand these small signals bro;)

(though they expect us to get small signals)

You tell your best friends about her and smile sheepishly while they make fun of you.

You really really hope you don’t get Friendzoned.

You listen to all the romantic, slow songs and imagine yourself and her as the leads (okay, I am not sure everyone else does that :D)

You think of various possibilities like,

Her having an ex trouble.

Her being in someone’s friendzoned.                                                                             

Her having a relationship issue.                                                                                

Her having a family issue.

Her being not into guys :p

After a long thought, you wish and feel that she’s the one. ( If you’re into this “everyone have their The ONE”)

You feel like a..

A hopeless romantic. A puppet with her controlling you.A lead of a romcom and wishing that it has a happy ending.

And trust me, however big might be your crush,

You will think about her hot friend. You will check out a girl ahead of you on a scooty.
Don’t worry,  that’s how our mind is. Twisted.

Sorry girls.But I will tell you this, It is similar to,

You checking out a girl’s outfit and comparing it to yours.

So take it easy. You can’t stop doing that.We can’t stop doing this.

We try.We fail. Period.


How does it feel? Amazing right?

I remember these lines from a song which perfectly explains the way you feel,

“Haal bayan ho na haal bayan,Hona fakat hai fanaa”

I feel giddy as a school boy,

I secretly hope that I am not your toy,

If I were in a hall full of people,

 I would search for you,And that’s when I finally knew,

You’re the one I planned my future with,

That destiny is not really a myth,

I can finally relate to song’s lyrics,

And I feel as uneasy as a burning phoenix,

No I am telling no lies,

Here, check my stomach full of butterflies, 

It would really hurt if you were in love with someone else,

And I’ll wish for a parallel universe where this all makes sense,

I feel like a raft near to shore,And I wish for wind, just some more, 

That’s how it really feels,

The exact same way,

And that’s how I wish it feels, everyday,

This is when I really really knew,

You, you’re my crush.

But how it ends?
This is how!

Chat Conversation

P.S Don’t smile goofily, okay do, but make sure that your mom or friends aren’t around, because you don’t want to be on the hot seat now, do you?

P.S.S Happy Valentines’ Day