Here’s how you read it.

Read it as you do from top to bottom,
But on your way from bottom to top; just read the highlighted words to finish the story.

I am the psychiatrist.
But I like to call myself the “Cannibal of Pain”
I help people solve the problems they think they have.
Hannibal the Merciful”
That is what they call me.
So this one day I got a call.
They don’t leave me alone” THE GHOSTS!; said the other end of the telephone.
I sipped it slowly; the coffee.
Then I waited for her as she set herself.
She was playing with her bloody red diamond ring as she shared her agony.
And I placed myself comfortably on sofa as she recited her morose tales.
I had created quite a reputation for myself.
“Don’t you worry!” I shall cure-all your pains. 
I was always fascinated. by the pains they shared.
It was wrong; I knew but it made me happy;
She stared as I felt her.

But then it was only a stage.
I thought it would pass.
Little did I know that it was not
Their tales made me more happy than anything could.
Money. Fame. Sex. Food.
Then one day came along a man!
In his 20s, caucasian, fleshy and gay.
He shared his tales and showed his wounds.
As he shared his suffering;
I felt exhilarated; excited.
I thought I was more than Flesh and bones.
So this is how it is to feel Invincible.
That is how it all started.
I dropped the curtain.
Yes, I am addicted to the pain and agony; Yes it makes me happy.
But I am the best option that you’ve got!; I said.
I am what I am.
I liked the taste of it.
Success. Victory. What(?)ever they call it.
But something;
Something changed.
Push of luck if I may say.
Days were changing.
Needs of man had outweighed morals.
Only things that newspapers read were “MURDERS, PAIN, HELP!”
That was the thing I needed!; Madness,Chaos, Fear.
More. Business.
I finally knew what I wanted.
I was GOD.