I pressed my head against the pillow,
Hope that it would lighten the blow.
I soon had to start running,
Running in the race of the cunning.
The race which started long ago,
Before I was born; and it will continue to do so.
But I have a task at hand,
To make it till the end.
But before that, I have to make a kill,
Kill the serpent of life, joy and goodwill.
And then I will run till the end,
Run till I become them;
It is okay if I don’t win,
As long as I blend in.
But the serpent isn’t dead yet,
It was hidden deep inside,
Waiting patiently for year to come,
Until one day it decides,
Decides to come out for its time,
Time to let me know,
It’s time I stop to pretend,
It’s time to change the end.

If you did not figure it out yet; it is the whole movie in a nutshell.