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Six Degrees

Imagine 5 people. Now just for a moment, believe in the idea of parallel universes or rather multiverses.

Wouldn’t they lead different lives in all these universes? How different could it possibly be?


And that idea is perhaps the inception of the book and its stories.

BlogAdda came up with this amazing idea to give 5 characters and their descriptions to the authors and challenged them to come up with an interesting story. Well, not one but three stories.

And they did.

Each story takes a different viewpoint.

While the first touches a little of sci-fi, the second touches mystery and the third one goes with an interesting viewpoint of how everything is not what it seems.

Here, let me give a detailed synopsis of all three stories and my views on it.

1. The Awakening

You must’ve heard of the movie with the same name. No?
Well, I found the plot a little similar to the movie “Hancock”.

What I mean is the basic idea and not the whole plot.

A family of three. A guest. Spooky Neighbor. Enthusiastic Family Friend.

An Alien Invasion sorts.

The story doesn’t lack creativity but I did feel that it got a little boring at some point.
All in all, It was a good read.

2. Entangled Lives

Entangled Lives is a murder mystery. And this one was my favorite!
It is really gripping and while it gets a little too obvious, the end makes up for it 😉

This was a treat.

There’s a murder in the house. Everyone seems to have a motive but is it strong enough to kill someone?

And then you realize that anything can put one off and the human mind breeds demons too.

To be frank, I have never been a fan of murder mysteries; always sounded generic to me. This one stands out.

I loved the poetry. It was sinister and eerie and beautiful!

3. Missing – A Journey Within

A school girl goes missing. A photographer clicks a photo that could be the vital clue. Everything ends well.

This story was too good to be true.
Some very bizarre coincidences and Bollywood vibes.

Have you seen the movie “Ugly”?
This was probably the opposite of the movie.

Or so I think.

There were a few interesting facts but I feel it could have been written better. But then again, with the characters predefined; it couldn’t have been easy.

All in all, it was a good read.

Though frankly, Had it not been for the second story; I won’t have continued reading it.

Why read it?

This is the first book which is a result of collaborations between different people. The transition from the first story to second and from second to third is not that easy as you still have some predefined notions about a character. Read it for the second story 😀
If you are a blogger, do read it. This is an example of how successful collaborations are.

Why not?

Well, it could get a little boring. I think it is a little overpriced.


  1. Shekhar Dutta – Freelance Author, Work-from-home Dad.
  2. Tara Dutta – Wife of Shekhar, works in a company.
  3. Cyrus Daruwala – Law Student residing in Delhi, visiting Mumbai for a reason.
  4. Aryan Ahuja – Neighbor of the Duttas.
  5. Jennifer Joseph – Photographer by profession.



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Sand dunes

Sand dunes


I recall a song,
sorry, not a song but its tunes.
It makes me feel like water does;
In never-ending sand dunes.
What did it say I can’t recall,
It was something along the lines of
how important it is to fall.
But why am I telling you this,
What’s the point?
I don’t get all this,
Like all those other things.
What other things you ask?
That why do we fight,
How much blinding is the light,
or-or what’s that I want from Life.
Some want Love, Some want Power,
Other dig deeper to find Peace.
And here I am smacking my lips,
confused what to lose and what to keep.
I have made myself a part of mundane,
That soothes my nerves, keeps me sane.
But I know I will get tired of too,
Don’t believe me?
Come check those unused ballet shoes.
Or those canvas in the cupboard getting painted by dust.
But I often manage to distract myself,
maybe that’s my art.
Maybe I am the traveler who doesn’t have a path.
Now that I look at it this way,
It calms me a bit,
It screams, and I don’t hear,
It whispers and I glue my ears.
And while it distracts me from its heavy breathing;
wisdom; it says,
“It is okay to skip a hurdle
It is okay to not solve the puzzle,
It is okay to not be a part of the huddle”

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