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Hold it!
Gold fishes - Artwork by Gajesh Mitkari

Hold it!

Hold it like Hodor.
Never let your guard down.
Speak nothing.
Like a broken mixtape on repeat that plays just one song;
incidentally, the only song that reminds you of your dead lover;
just keep on chanting:
“I am okay”.

Hold it like Aerys,
Pull out the swords stuck in your
stone of a heart;
Make a throne of those swords, sit on it.
Give orders to burn all the memories that remind you of her
with the wildfire.
Be called the mad king.

Hold it like Gollum.
Take the one thing you loved,
and let it drive you to madness.
Find pieces of your heart in a
thing that reminds you of her
and let it be the end of you.
Smile while you fall.

Hold it like Thor.
Make it your pride.
Make it your necessity.
Let the universe know
that you both are meant to be.
Lose it.
Fail to live without it,
but also fail to die.

Hold it like “the one who can’t be named”
Be convinced that she is yours to keep.
Spread parts of you in search of her.
Find out that you were wrong all along.
Stand in front of a dementor.
See it make a fool of itself
as it tries to suck all the happiness out of you.
There’s none left.

Hold it inside like a fish bowl
with no water and dead fishes.
Be the reason of doom of the
one thing that was supposed to
be your purpose to exist.


Artwork by Gajesh Mitkari
A Tale of Weirwood

A Tale of Weirwood

by Aditya Mankad 0 Comments

Amidst the dark and eerie night,
There was strangest of sights,
On the path, that was taken by none,
Where no light passed,
Neither the moonlight nor the sun.
They say there lied a magical tree,
One which had powers;
Powers which can set souls free.
Winter was coming or so they said,
And along with came a whole lot of dead.
Now fate lies in hands of those,
Who has Dragonstone which kills who rose.
Come now home O dear one,
Your fate waits for you at the end of the run,
Come sleep in its bloody red leaves,
Rest while winter grieves.

Image Courtesy: Deviantart
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