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To be a Poet

To be a Poet

To be a poet is like being on morphine.
To be a poet is to feel everything so deeply, all the time.
To be a poet is to embrace the pain as much as one embraces happiness.
To be a poet is to choose pain over happiness.
Because a poem written with words dipped in the ink of pain almost always reaches deeper in the parchment,
than the one written out of joy.
To be a poet is to live your life with metaphors.
It is to give meaning to useless things and give no importance to the obvious.
To be a poet is to live with a melancholic heart.
Feel like living with cancer with a boon of immortality.
To be a poet is to tread on the rails where the train of thoughts is too scared to tour otherwise.
To be a poet is to be scared all the time.
To be a poet is to put parts of you like bread crumbs in the path and enter the foreign lands, blindfolded.
To be a poet is to blossom and wither and talk about dying but not dying.
A poet never dies.
A poet’s words float around like the wind in the sands of time,
Often buried, but not forgotten.
To be a poet is to be broke.
And rebel against the tyranny of modern times.
And fail.
And then write about it.
To be a poet is to search for signs in blank spaces and feel blinded by darkness.
To be a poet is to exaggerate a lot.
Taking turns and talking about fear would be a fun activity for poets.
To be a poet is to be naked.
And let the winds of winter leave signs on your skin.
And let the hypocrisy draw scars on your face.
To be a poet is to be a passionate nerd.
A poet would take sides with pride and cry in the lap of shame.
A poet is an optimistic cynic.
To be a poet is to be a breathing paradox.
But mostly,
To be a poet is to feel a little bit human.



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Post Office – Charles Bukowski

Post Office – Charles Bukowski

In the morning it was morning and I was still alive.
Maybe I’ll write a novel, I thought.
And then I did.

Henry Chinaski is a real badass.

Who is Henry Chinaski?
Henry would be Charles’ fictional alter ego and rightly so.

Five words to describe him?

Drunkard. Sarcastic. Cocky. Lousy. Foul-mouthed.


Post Office manages to capture all the emotions that have been left out in the tales of Love and “Happily Ever After”. It will take you to a ride and into the soul of Henry, and when you are there; you will feel extremely ordinary and mundane. Because that’s how it is.

The book revolves around the times when Henry used to work in a Post Office. It follows him to his stints at drinking, love, marriage and betting (not in the same order).

I enjoyed the book because I laid my hands on a type of a book I’ve never read before. It is dark, direct and bold.

Read the book for its offbeat writing style. You will rarely see a writer not give a shit about the readers and writing just because he wants to. And if he is going to do so, he will do it his way. Read it for a glimpse into the low-life world, the damp barn, cheap booze, afternoons spent in hangover and sex. Read it to see how a writer evolves and my dear Indian readers; read it because you will be introduced to a new kind of writer. A writer who doesn’t give a shit what you want to read, a writer who knows no sugar-coating and a writer who doesn’t write to please. Such is Post Office; Charles’ first book.

Why not read it?

Frankly, If you are not into reading or if you read but don’t like taking risks (which I cannot believe would be possible); you might find it mundane and boring. It is not magic, not unicorns or snowflakes. It is how our lives are. Moments of sheer pleasure and joy sandwiched in loads of ordinary.

Also, this book is not for the people who don’t like profanity or boldness as other would call. It is not for children. 

Here’s an excerpt from the book for you to understand the content and context.


Excerpt from Post Office
You can buy it from here



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