I fear while closing my eyes,
I fear I would remember all those lies.
I can’t stand even a small melody,
Even happiness reminds me of a sad symphony.
I often wonder what made you do it,
Was it me or something else or just your bad old habit.
I see myself in the mirror and I look away,
The scars on my heart are here to stay.
I don’t like the rain anymore,
I fear sailing off the shore.
But now, how do I do it, I ask?
How do I rip you off like a mask?
You became my part; my own,
Maybe I was your final act;
And I do deserve those roses and those stones.
Or maybe I am just thinking too hard,
Trying to bluff my way through;
When I’ve shown my cards.
I try; I really do.
Mock at me,
Because you just can’t see.
How can I say “That’s unfair”
When I had said “I was hers”
How can I run to the fields of future
When I am stuck in reverse.