When you are not looking,
Fear will tip-toe in your dreams,
And make them nightmares.
It will bring the cold sweats with it.
Fear will knock on the glass of the car,
come closer and fog it with warm breath.
And then with the pointed ugly fingers that you think Fear has,
It will write, “You’re going to die”.
Fear will cover the pillars of the stage,
And shake them hard,
which will make your knees wobble,
And it will suck the saliva out of your mouth.
It will have a one night stand with your memories,
And leave behind a baby.
A baby which will scream,
“You will suck, People will hate you”
On heights and in depths,
It will pull you down,
And hold you,
like a lover.
And it will whisper in your ears,
“You’re going down”.
But the worst thing that fear can do,
Is make you hate the people you love.
It will leave trails of salt on your cheeks,
After a big fight or a small misunderstanding,
And it will burn right through your skin,
and those scars would read,
“It will hurt, It will pain”.
But my friend,
Fear and Pain.
They are not related.
All they can be are step-brothers.
Because they are from different mothers.
And you might think they are related,
But they are not
But Love.
Now, Love and Pain,
They are twins.
So tread carefully.