At the inception of this starry night,
I saw a face so true,
A face that told me something,
About the things beyond the blue.
It told me how beautiful it is,
All that we cease to see,
Invisible to the naked eye,
As often the truth could be.

It has always been,
There and before the sea and crust,
We just fail to look beyond,
The things that we trust.
But today the curtain rises,
However late it might be,
For what comes once in a lifetime,
Is often endless as the sea.

I wish I could tell you how it looks,
But one has to see to feel,
Feel the heart beats of the stars,
As they start and stop in a beat.
It is not like the iron born,
That grows and rusts and dies,
They are but the births and deaths,
Of stars and stardust, they leave behind.