As I look at the sky up above,
I wish this moment stands still,
As I soak in all the feels.
This is the day I waited for,
Since I was a kid and played with a doll.
Used to have a prince and a beautiful house,
And a lovely lady in a pink gown.
I used to say they belonged together; forever; without a pause,
I said “they are drenched in love” before I knew what it was.
And now that I stand here; today,
I now know,
Whatever choices I made,
The things I saw and I said,
I was supposed to end up here,
Right this way.
I wish for the sheets of love,
To cover us and keep us warm,
And protect us from harm.
But that’s future and it will be fine.
For now,
Let me enjoy for today,
today I get what was always mine.
Now again I go back to the memory lane,
The doll house, the dreams and all that which kept me sane.
I grew up listening to stories of poisoned apples and glass sandals,
Of frozen heart and red bangles.
And with that my belief grew strong
That there is someone out there,
To release me from this bond.
And then I started searching for him everyday,
Looking behind masks; making myself vulnerable in each possible way.
And along the way, I met a few mistakes,
But never did it shake my dream,
And I fought them; however hard they seemed.
And now I stand at the aisle,
Letting out a curvy smirk,
As I meet my half in a while.
And as a tear-drops on my cheek,
I murmur to myself,
“Yes those stories can be true,
For every version of me, there’s a version of you.
Yes I believe in fairy tales and tangled fates,
Yes, I believe in Soulmates.”

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