“What scares you?”
Well, Nothing.
“Then why don’t you be in one?”
Because I don’t want to be in one.
“Something’s wrong with you”

“What happened?”
We broke up.
“Not again, this was the 3rd one”
It just didn’t work out.
“Something’s wrong with you”

“Was she not enough?”
She was perfect.
“Were you not getting laid?”
She was PERFECT, just not my kind of perfect.
“Something’s wrong with you”

*kisses and grabs her*
Kisses back *disgusted*
*scans her all over*
moves back. stops.
*something’s wrong with her*

“Dude, single since 1990?”
Yeah man. choice.
“Accha *but not his choice*”
I think Love is overrated.
“Whatever you say *something’s wrong with him*”

“I think you like boys”
Maybe I do.
“Are you gay?”
Maybe I am.
“uh-huh *he is fucked up!*”

“I Love You”
I Like you.
I don’t think I love you, yet.
“You cheat. you used me”


Well, maybe nothing’s wrong.
Relationships are overrated.
Don’t you think so?

Here’s what modern relationships are about.

I cry, I lie,
I say what I don’t mean,
I try to keep the slate clean,
And as I wipe the kohl,
I say “Let’s try once more”

I fall, I scream,
I swear that is all I dream. 
I keep on going till pain becomes a habit,
I am not but convince myself that I am happier than before,
I say “Let’s try once more”

I clench my fists,
Push her beyond limits,
I break her in parts more than two.
I have come far and I don’t have control over the oar,
But still I say, “Let’s try once more”

You told me you Love Me,
Only if you meant,
But you changed the rules,
You fell for me not my soul,
So I went on and said, “Let’s not”.

This is not a good thing (If you were wondering)
I call them “Pseudo Relationships”.

We crush ourselves over the friction of acceptance and hope that someday we would fit in.

Well, sometimes you don’t.

Do not be in a relationship for the sake of it.

And those of who you are;

Let me break this to you,

For you,

Love is a myth.

But I am 22-year-old guy who writes and has never been in a relationship. So what do I know?
But, maybe I do.

background art by berlin-artparasites