I looked up to see the blanket studded with the shining beacons of hope.
I tried to stay in the moment as they say in the movies.
But some thoughts slipped through the cracks.
I covered my eyes with my hand and peeked through the gap,
And I saw a bright light.
A light that turns doubtful men happy,
and happy men blind.
Blind and deaf to the fact that everything is temporary.
But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter.
It does.
You must know that all your decisions are webbed together to form a fabric we call life.
And that each choice makes a world of its own where our shadows live their own lives.
You might think you don’t have control and that is okay and true,
But not for a second doubt that the thing that you can’t control aren’t affected by the decisions you make.
Everything matters.
You, Me.
The stars, the sea.
So scream your hearts out and say “I am significant”
Remind yourself everyday and let not anyone tell otherwise.
Because if you don’t believe in it,
What’s the point?