As I wandered in the alleys of the past,
Some choices I’ve had made; left me aghast.
There were times like these-
I was in a never-ending maze,
Ones where even light fears to let in a ray.
How can I stand and let someone take away what’s mine?
How can I let them rip my heart to shreds and say that I am fine?
I am not that mellow, no.
And so aren’t you.
Even the learned has said;
“It is better to be violent,
If your heart says so”.
What would you do if you were me?
Would you be the shadow or the light?
Would you back down or give a fight?
I did so too,
NO, asked for what was mine.
And I would do that every other time.
I have heard it in tell-all tales,
And seeped it in the half-heard lullaby.
How every ill deed goes punished,
And a selfish act leaves us tarnished.
But as I grew I finally saw,
How tales were made to soften the blow.
It is the law and I intend not to defy,
I will snatch those wings;
every time I have an opportunity to fly.
There is one lesson that always remains.
Death, Time and Fate finds it way.
“It is going to happen anyway”
And if you have to fool yourself to do what you must;
Here’s something which will make you feel just.
Even the moon is innocent in a way,
Still it can’t stop a wave going to the bay.
It has to do what it has to,
And so do you.