I recall a song,
sorry, not a song but its tunes.
It makes me feel like water does;
In never-ending sand dunes.
What did it say I can’t recall,
It was something along the lines of
how important it is to fall.
But why am I telling you this,
What’s the point?
I don’t get all this,
Like all those other things.
What other things you ask?
That why do we fight,
How much blinding is the light,
or-or what’s that I want from Life.
Some want Love, Some want Power,
Other dig deeper to find Peace.
And here I am smacking my lips,
confused what to lose and what to keep.
I have made myself a part of mundane,
That soothes my nerves, keeps me sane.
But I know I will get tired of too,
Don’t believe me?
Come check those unused ballet shoes.
Or those canvas in the cupboard getting painted by dust.
But I often manage to distract myself,
maybe that’s my art.
Maybe I am the traveler who doesn’t have a path.
Now that I look at it this way,
It calms me a bit,
It screams, and I don’t hear,
It whispers and I glue my ears.
And while it distracts me from its heavy breathing;
wisdom; it says,
“It is okay to skip a hurdle
It is okay to not solve the puzzle,
It is okay to not be a part of the huddle”