Looking back in the doors of past,
I couldn’t help but cry,
All the things I did,
I wish I could take them back,
And hide them in the bottom of the stack.
Never will I forgive myself for it,
For blowing off the candles that were just lit.
Selfish, cruel, greedy I was,
Ran down the path of crime without a pause.
I wish there was some salvation for me,
A dip in the Ganges will not make me sin-free,
My hands remind me of my work, cold and blunt,
Which took lives of the innocent,
I was helpless and poor and for honest work I had the last bid,
But those reasons aren’t good enough for the deeds I did.
I am just waiting for the dark black cloth,
Put up by someone under oath.
All I wish now is for the END,
A ray of light enters my life everyday,
Gives me a moment of peace in a rather cold, dark lonely stay,
The END I wish for is here,
I am filled with guilt and not fear,
Shattered glass shines in that tiny pinhole ray,
For, even mirrors won’t approve my way.