I blinked my eyes like I always do,
And focused them on you,
as I tried to see through.
I re-read this in my mind again,
Thinking hard about it but all in vain,
And I see this images in my head play a mime,
Strangely enough all this; knitting into poetry with a rhyme.
But as I gulp down a lump of void,
I couldn’t help but ignore how you avoid.
I was always the laugh of the town,
Rising up each time I was down,
But this time, it’s difficult to stand,
Or at least without a helping hand.
And as I watch them bark,
I remain nothing but humour that’s dark.
They say I am weird and so do you,
I ask myself a riddle,
which has the word “fiddle”.
“What’s the word that rhymes with wife,
What’s that capable of taking a life?
I will use that on you,
To take what’s already due”
Didn’t get what I said,
Oh poor little you,
I wonder what’s inside your funny little brain.
Will you be kind enough to spell it out?
Kill me but you already have; If I am in no doubt.
You are going to end your terror,
And I will live to tell the tales of my horror.
Oh no still didn’t get it did you?
Ah I will spell it out but again in a riddle,
As easy as a song of a fiddle,
Read the firsts from where I wondered,
And read till you gasp out fires and thunder.

Did you get the riddle?
Oh come on!!

Read the firsts from where I wondered, 
- Last 10th line!! and read out the first words ;)