It flashes before me,
Every now and then,
The silhouette of the sun,
The dark of the moon.
I know I don’t make sense,
And how could I?
I haven’t been sane,
From when you died.
They ask me to steadfast,
Move ahead in life,
And I say,
I will wait for the time,
Till her memories last.
And they say it’s fine,
“Take your time.”
I often laugh out loud,
Before I burst another tear cloud.
They wait for me to get rid of you,
Or your thoughts that is.
But to me,
That’s one and the same thing, you see?
How can a child ever forget it’s mother’s voice,
You ask me to choose,
When I’ve got no choice.
I think all your efforts are in vain,
Tell me,
Can you forget the smell of first rain?
They call me insane for what I have become,
And all I have to say is,
How can a heart live on its own,
When it’s other half is gone.