I swayed between the right and wrong,
Replaying the same old song,
“Take me to the start again,
Undo the cause of all that pain”
And as I pushed my way up,
I learned I was at the bottom of the top.
I bit my tongue and pinched my skin,
To know if this version was reality’s kin.
I do not fear the death as you do,
But that’s not news to you.
You have been watching me all along,
Like a tiny kite dancing in the fire-storm.
I grow everyday like a phoenix does,
Rising and withering in the dust.
And my heart is ripping itself to shreds,
Each piece beating on itself.
I ask you all but this,
free me from the haunted lights,
Give me all but just a night,
A night that gave the moon to fox;
Same way put in that box.
Put me or I swear I will be,
A dead man breathing paradox.

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