I know of people who have been through some heartbreaks and it can be devastating. But then a few days ago a discussion with a friend sparked these words. I don’t know if this was long overdue or not, but

*This is written from a woman’s perspective.


You know of pain do you?
Can you feel it gushing like blood in your veins?

You know of Love do you?
Has it become as necessary as breathing?

I am damaged goods.
I am a scratched soul.
And I can’t do that anymore.

Love and Pain.

And all I try to do is heal and fail
and then try again to feel.

I try to spread my wings,
And blabber about things.
As I used to.
Once upon a time.

Hm. Once Upon A Time…

It reminds me of those fairy tales
Of dragons and demons.
And princesses running away for wicked queens.

That is what I do.
I run away.
As far and wide I can.

or bullshit.

I am the princess in the tower.
I am the damsel in distress.

And the sad part is,
I don’t want to be saved,
It is not that I don’t want a knight in shining armour,
But I don’t need one.

Look at me.
I look happy.
I am.
I have learned to fool myself.
And people.

Oh Love,
I almost forgot.

Too many missing pieces.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Featured Image Artist: Catrin Walz Stein (courtesy: berlin-artparasites)