I closed my eyes,
And I tried to feel.
I ran into something that felt like your lips,
It brought everything back; Little things which the memories skips.
It went on till the pain came in,
Gushing like blood in the heart’s rim.
I bit my lips and clenched my fists,
As the agony introduced itself gist by gist.
I think Love has something to do with Pain,
Maybe they are like step brothers;
Trying to win over life but in vain.
But I breathed in hard till my lungs hurt,
It felt beautiful but deadly as well.
Like something trying to kill you but not letting you die.
But all I loved is still with me, Everything but the ability to see.
I do have you so that weighs out, But never will I win another bout.
You know how they say, Explosion does all the harm?
Try imploding once; It destroys the unshakable calm.
I did have the fire within, I can feel it shine,
Inside my veins, Incinerating every belief of mine.
I never feared the scars,
The smog of lies,
The blinding stars.
Neither feared that punch,
Those flashes,
The misanthropic bunch.
Nor the pain,
The blood,
These burning veins.
I fear those closing walls,
I fear these trembling hands,
I fear fear itself,
But most of all,
I fear the oblivion.