​I was right there, in the front row,

And I was awestruck.

I was caught off guard. 

I had only read about it-

There she was. 


And I was just staring at her.

In my defense, I couldn’t help it. 

Her eyes had the hold of a powerful spell.

And her voice was like a memory long forgotten. 

And then it happened. 
Eye contact. 

I have read about it. 

People say it is dangerous but lovely. 

Indeed, it was. 
And then we exchanged messages whose meaning were unclear,

But all that mattered was that we exchanged messages!

Don’t you do that too?

Desperate attempts to talk just a little bit longer by bringing up the most mundane topics and talking about it.
And now this brings a smile on my lips.

Not the grin that I make to convince people of how well I am.

The smile that I have when food comes.
I don’t think I fall in love with people.


Was this one that?

But then I decided to write about it. 

And it made me think,

What will make her special?
In an instant, I realized,

She has the privilege of being a piece of non-fiction in an ocean of unfulfilled desires and fiction.