I knew you,
or I used to.
When I was young,
I used to look at the stars,
And fire and wonder,
How can something be so beautiful,
And yet so deadly.
And then I met you.
Everyone have secrets,
I have my mine.
But you had one as bloody as a wine.
I wondered how I felt what I feel,
How could you control me against my will?
And I wish that I wouldn’t have dared,
I wish that I wouldn’t have overcome that scare.
I thought you were smart and witty and bold,
Little did I knew that you were fool’s gold.
And as you layers began to draw,
Your naked self is what I saw.
And every little thing started to scare me,
Never knew how horrifying truth can be.
I thought you were my moon and my stars,
Little did I know that my share was of wounds and scars.
It reminds me of a story I heard,
A king who was mad in love beyond words.
And he followed his love not knowing it was something else,
Something that haunts you like dark dungeon cells.
And he never got rid of it,
No one does.
It follows you till it ends,
Or you end in it.
A dark incurable curse,
Like the cold winters,
Like the Devil’s Grudge,
Like the Midas’ touch.