I look with that deadly look,
Searching for you in every corner; every nook.
All I remember is the chills and the mist,
I wish I could explain all this in a gist.
I don’t know what they feel when they say of love,
Do they feel the same I feel right now?
I feel like I am on the top of the peak.
I feel like the mountains and the valleys deep.
Yes I know I am being a little too romantic,
But love does it to you or so to speak.
I don’t get the idea of love, though,
How can it hurt so much and kill you this slow?
Isn’t it supposed to be an escape?
Escape to the illusion we call reality.
Escape from the pain and the destiny.
But look how shady love is.
Like the mountains themselves.
Yearning to be your way out,
But impossible to get your voice through;
However loud you shout.
But I guess I had to make my way up and see it for myself,
Was the pain worth all the effort;
Does the pain outweigh love itself?