I was searching for that beam,
That bright bundle of light,
Which can eliminate the night,
They say it has powers,
Some glorious ones,
I was looking for it with a motive in mind,
And I think that the deed was kind,
It finds it’s way to you they say,
And so I patiently waited a whole day,
It was not hard as I had company,
Men with different dreams, different destinies,
I waited for days to come,
Till the company reduced from many to some,
And then I waited for some more,
Then I was left all alone,
I still waited till I lost the count,
Days went by and so did nights,
But the famous light was nowhere in sight,
Then I heard something in silence,
The sky thundered and the water mumbled,
“So you’re the one who’s left,
From the geniuses and the deft,
For what you seek is not hard to find,
It’s just that you have the wrong idea in mind!
You’re finding it beyond the limits of man’s reach,
But it is in vain, you’re not looking where it is found,
If you want that ray of hope; that beam,
Start your search from within”