Has the madness crawled in again?
Made its home like fear or pain?
Does it feel foreign within walls,
And do those eyes follow you across the halls?
Does it feel like your feet are scorching,
And also feels like you’re drowning.
Do you stare at blank spaces for hours?
And feel the heat in cold showers?
Is the uneasiness eating you out,
And you cry inside but outside you still manage a pout!
Is each breath a pounding on the heart?
And do you feel like you’ve lost the race
right from the start?
Do you speak fast for you fear they won’t hear,
And you say you don’t care but you think more that you could bear?
Have you been trying too hard to fit in the puzzle,
Have you been waiting for that chance so that you could guzzle?
I know that feel,
I’ve been there too.
I know how it burns the heart out of you.
That feeling of being the same and yet not similar,
That feeling of badly wanting to be a part of life’s thriller.
You may try hard but will always fail,
Try not to hit the coffin’s last nail.
You fear that you’re different,
You fear that you’re not sane,
But you were meant to be beautiful, indifferent and insane.