I will.

Always manage to break your heart.
And you would happily do that to me too.

You will take care of me.
Put the toilet seat down and not yell,
Take me to a date on our anniversary that I had forgotten,
Smear love over my unkempt wounds and invisible scars.
And make them heal.
You’ll scratch your way through this stone of a heart.
And make a place in there.
You’ll not question my habits,
You’ll not smirk at my comments.
And oh, I will return the favour.
You will love me. Forever.

I will devote myself to you.
I will happily block every girl on my list if you want me to.
The place would be squeaky clean.
I would not cheat on you, even in your dreams.
I will bring you breakfast in bed.
I will not get jealous of your guy friends.
Okay,I will. But just a little.
You will have real orgasms for a change.
And when you don’t want to, I won’t force.
I will glue your broken pieces together,
Such that it will spell out our initials.
And I will love you. Forever.

You lied.
I too lied.

You will make yourself a necessity.
I will carve my name on your soul.
You will conquer my memories.
I will corrupt your heart.
This is what will always happen.

Let it be written.
If evil ever loved evil.
This is what they will do.
Because loving someone,
And then leaving,
Is the evilest thing to do.