Those flickering eyes stealing glances at the horizon,
That numbness of nerves and bones growing at a steady pace,
The jar of wisdom filling with lessons of uncertainty,
The untold words, the unheard sighs,
Those grey hairs and deliberately hidden wrinkles,
Those moments between soulful lyrics that seems too long to be true,
That promise you made after you came out alive when you shouldn’t have,
The determination under the tears,
The feats of happiness and kicks of pain,
Those clenched fists, pumped up heart, mercurial eyes,
The scars and stitches,
These books around.

Listen to their whispers,
Listen to their muffled screams,

They just tell you this:

“You’re the seeds that grow up to be the stars,
You’re the fire that can burn the sun apart.
Don’t let them tell you otherwise”