It just doesn’t feel right,
The way I feel at her first sight.
The chords of my heart sing a sweet melody,
But there I stand; silent, struck by her beauty.
But then it isn’t right,
She isn’t mine,
I lost her in a fight,
I wish I could re-spawn,
But that wouldn’t matter a bit,
She is someone else’s.
I still like to keep a little hope alive,
The thing that keeps me going is just her smile.
I don’t see a reason to move away,
Yes, it would hurt,
But for being around her? It is worth.
Those feelings won’t just wash away,
They are just buried deep down.
But silently deep inside, I know,
There’s a guy crying out loud,
“I am still standing there,
Always will,
Even if she won’t see,
Even if things are not meant to be”