Here’s how you read it.

Read it as you do from top to bottom,
But on your way from bottom to top; just read the highlighted words to finish the story.

oh so beautiful!
They seemed perfect together.beautiful things those two.
My friend and she.
isn’t is what everyone dream of?
Any guy would Envy him and any girl would despise her.
But we were also not less you know; her boyfriend and me.
He would’ve killed for me. I would’ve died for him.
I and Him. Him and I. You know? Like Jai and Veeru.
Some said we were one soul. In a platonic way of course.
Talk of our friendship.
I thought it would change, eventually.
Priorities and all.
I knew it would. I hoped it wouldn’t.
It’s surprising what those pair of boobs had done to him.
Shades of grey were onto him.
I wonder what she would do to our friendship.
in those movies; girlfriends taking away your friend.
But it didn’t.
Or so I thought.
I felt something had happened.
She They seemed tense.
21 days and a week later.
Something terrible did happened.
“Is it my fault?” He asked me.
I was not in terms with the reality.
It was shocking, though. He was not one of those regular boys.
She was gone.
The room was completely destroyed. Like some weapon had emptied itself there.
Myriad of beads on the floor.
Empty bottles. Ashtrays and an intoxicated friend.
God knew what the hell happened.
He was trying to hide his tears.
She Had gone for almost a week now.
She left no trace.wiped from the face of the earth.
had I know it before, I wouldn’t have let it happen.
I was there. He was devastated.
2 weeks later, they found the body.
I was shocked when I heard.
But I was there for him. For my friend.
3 weeks later, 2 friends, 1 bottle down.
I looked in the mirror.
Pulled out a blank face.
I Confessed.