Movie: Dead Poets’ Society

To live deep and suck out all the marrow of life

I absolutely love this movie.
I am not going to write anyone’s point of view.
I will write my own.
Because that’s the point of this movie piece of art.

I closed my eyes and it reminded me of the madmen,
And I mocked at him as he did what he did,
Trying to fit into the blanket as he feeds,
Feeding on the jolts of thunder in his life,
By the love, laughter and all that matters,
Till it breaks or blunts the knife.
And I jumped on the table as it shook,
Shook its legs and the belief that I had.
It was a view indeed quite so ordinary,
But it made all the difference that it could make.
Indeed, the madman was not quite mad,
He was just trying to suck in all that he could get.
The marrow of life; the shine of stars,
as honey dripped off his lips and made him feel like god.
And I saw the poets skimming away from the herd,
Stitching the universe with art and words.
Indeed, they were gods at work,
Shaping the lives; the earth,
Stapling together the stories untold,
Of  band of congos cutting through the forest,
Leaving behind a golden road.
And I let out a yawp before it left me numb,
As I let the voices in my mind shunned.
I leaned in and my face let out a glow;
As a voice came in, almost inaudible; quite slow.
It wasn’t a voice even, almost like a murmur,
Like the breath leaving out in the winter’s cold;
But it was the voice of the gods,
Telling us nothing but this:
“Contribute a verse in life’s play,
And play as long as you may,
But don’t wait too long for it might fade away.
And until the moment comes;
Seize the day boys,
Seize the day.”