Contradicting the dark, I went all in,
Little did I know that it wasn’t what it seemed,
It was a fight of the century they said,
And will last till death dies and memories would fade,
I thought I was a Knight, King or at least a Rook,
That I knew that I will win in every corner and nook,
Maybe I was wrong and maybe there wasn’t any dawn,
Maybe I was fooled and I was just a pawn.
The everlasting fight with a cause,
Between ecstasy and penance it was,
I thought I was on the side that always wins,
Because well, stars though they are small,
Against dark they never seem too dim,
But it was a myth all along,
The light was never ever strong,
The biggest game that has ever been played,
The one that made us believe,
That the light always wins
And devil was never made.