Like bokeh in a dark night,
I can see the faded sketches of past.
Now that I am here;
I fail to not laugh hard.
You know how you do something and not think?
And wish it turns out to be good.
You know how every failure brings a thought?
That says;
“Maybe it will end up well; different than what it is not”
THIS is exactly that.
All my choices and mistakes have brought me here.
And as I stretch my legs on the crossroads;
I am void of fear.
Maybe we were the odds of the equation,
The uncertain; the unimportant; the insignificant cogs of time.
And yet here we are,
The result of chaos;
The beauty of null.
In every universe and it’s parallels;
We were never meant to meet.
And even if did;
We were destined to face defeat.
And now see where we are.
Defying the laws of right and wrong.
Look at us;
Giving a heart attack to destiny and fate.
We prove how uncertain certain is.
We are the living oxymoron.
So let us spit on the face of the obvious,
Let us be the chemical X,
Let’s stay this way,
Let us be the symbol of hope,
Of uncertain,
Let us be a ray of chaos.