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I pressed my head against the pillow,
Hope that it would lighten the blow.
I soon had to start running,
Running in the race of the cunning.
The race which started long ago,
Before I was born; and it will continue to do so.
But I have a task at hand,
To make it till the end.
But before that, I have to make a kill,
Kill the serpent of life, joy and goodwill.
And then I will run till the end,
Run till I become them;
It is okay if I don’t win,
As long as I blend in.
But the serpent isn’t dead yet,
It was hidden deep inside,
Waiting patiently for year to come,
Until one day it decides,
Decides to come out for its time,
Time to let me know,
It’s time I stop to pretend,
It’s time to change the end.

If you did not figure it out yet; it is the whole movie in a nutshell.
Dead Poets’ Society

Dead Poets’ Society

Movie: Dead Poets’ Society

To live deep and suck out all the marrow of life

I absolutely love this movie.
I am not going to write anyone’s point of view.
I will write my own.
Because that’s the point of this movie piece of art.

I closed my eyes and it reminded me of the madmen,
And I mocked at him as he did what he did,
Trying to fit into the blanket as he feeds,
Feeding on the jolts of thunder in his life,
By the love, laughter and all that matters,
Till it breaks or blunts the knife.
And I jumped on the table as it shook,
Shook its legs and the belief that I had.
It was a view indeed quite so ordinary,
But it made all the difference that it could make.
Indeed, the madman was not quite mad,
He was just trying to suck in all that he could get.
The marrow of life; the shine of stars,
as honey dripped off his lips and made him feel like god.
And I saw the poets skimming away from the herd,
Stitching the universe with art and words.
Indeed, they were gods at work,
Shaping the lives; the earth,
Stapling together the stories untold,
Of  band of congos cutting through the forest,
Leaving behind a golden road.
And I let out a yawp before it left me numb,
As I let the voices in my mind shunned.
I leaned in and my face let out a glow;
As a voice came in, almost inaudible; quite slow.
It wasn’t a voice even, almost like a murmur,
Like the breath leaving out in the winter’s cold;
But it was the voice of the gods,
Telling us nothing but this:
“Contribute a verse in life’s play,
And play as long as you may,
But don’t wait too long for it might fade away.
And until the moment comes;
Seize the day boys,
Seize the day.”

Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds

Movie: Seven Pounds
A man with a fateful secret embarks on an extraordinary journey of redemption by forever changing the lives of seven strangers.

Point of View: Ben Thomas (Tim)

I close my eyes and I see a flashback,
I wish I could undo, take it all back.
I don’t know what has taken over me,
There’s only pain and sorrow that my eyes could see.
But I do see something else too,
Souls in agony but there’s only good that they do.
I wonder how much could they bear,
standing on thin ice and coals on the fire
and still not budging from doing what is fair.
I vividly remember that jellyfish,
Then I knew,
Something as beautiful can also give a deadly kiss.
Past few days have taught me something,
No one is powerful than self
yet only a powerless being.
Maybe I have finally deciphered the code,
Helping others is helping thee.
Not a day goes by when I don’t wish it was me,
Not a day goes when I don’t wish those eyes could again; see.
How funny life is,
If only each day had I seized.
Here I leave my reigns,
And accept all the pain,
As I let the thing I love the most,
Kill me.
As I leave parts of my soul,
Behind me.
And as I lay down my arms,
There’s only one thing I wish,
The lives that I gave,
Live theirs differently than how I did.

Into the Wild

Into the Wild


After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life.

P.O.V : Christopher Johnson McCandless

I stared at the sky which shone so bright,
Shades of orange and red till the end of light,

And still my eyes were fixed on that view,
waiting for that red to turn into shining dark blue.
And then I closed them and there came my past,
Fast but without the rush,
Ample water but it couldn’t quench my thirst.
Maybe I yearned something which many dreamt,
But I wanted it more than what most kempt.
And then two roads parted as I looked at the sky,
And obviously, I chose the path less travelled by. 
I knew it would be hard,
And life would take its toll,
But I also wanted to jump off that cliff and fly,
And I knew it can’t come without a fall. 
I try to breathe in all that I could,
I think I am addicted to it,
Hope that this comes by with some good.
I see the glimmer of the ocean,
Love it when it turns me blind,
It is that moment when it all comes back,
The real form of happiness,
The one which is easy to earn; hard to get.
And now again I am at that cross-roads,
I wish it ends like the one with the boat.
But now that I cross my heart and hope to die,
I say it again and will say it million more times,
I am happy with how it has turned out to be,
For the beats I’ve skipped and kisses I’ve kissed,
And I hope that they remember me for the life I’ve Lived.

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