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The things that you do over and over again.
Not necessarily because you like it.
But because it is a habit.

Paradoxical enough?

Some talk while they sleep.
Some snore.
Some smile all the time.
Some bite their nails till they bite through the skin.

Habits are like Horcruxes.
Each one has a little part of you.

Long after you’re gone,
They remind the ones who loved you,
Of you.

But some habits are unknown to everyone.
You keep them covered in a packet and carry it around in your pockets.
All they can see is your hands in the pocket.
The empty cavity of your palms hiding them.
Like they complete you.
Like they and you are made for each other.
And no one can see them.
But they are there.

Habits can be baggage.
And while they are not as alarming as baggage;
they can be real painful.
Like those shards in a bomb.

What’s mine?

I break my own heart.
Not necessarily in two parts.
I just shake it like a piggie bank to see if it still contains feelings.
And then I drop it.
It shatters into a million pieces.
I don’t want to argue on that,
I don’t have the heart to do so.

What do I do with the pieces?

I leave them there.
They always manage to get back together.
I take a brush and dip it in the biggest piece.

All I try to do is paint what I feel,
and wish for it to make sense.

And if it doesn’t,
I call it Poetry.

Untitled – II

I have often heard of how hope is a good thing.
And how good things never die.
Probably true in movies.
And fairy tales.
or nightmares.
The idea of how everything would be all right in the end sounds like an artificial idea.
Like a fabric stitched around all that mess to somehow cover it all and make it all nice and tidy.
The very idea of how everything would be good eludes me.
It shouldn’t be.
How else would you savour those gaps of numbness between the terror of spices?
The very idea of happiness is to understand that you cannot be always happy.
And here we are,
Seeking happiness all our life.
It is indeed ironical though.
We say “we just get one life”
And then we say “Till death do us apart”
We give so much value to the end that we forget the journey.
See how imperfect we are?
What started as a discussion of hope ended up being a discussion of life and happiness.
God no.
Of course they aren’t connected.
We just think they are.
Life is just there.
We just let it mean so much to us.

The Wish

The Wish

Remember Aladdin?

Yes Of course you do.

How we wished that we would have a magic lamp with a genie in it?

Or that Shaka Laka Boom Boom’s Sanju’s magic pencil!

Remember the lists you made of the things you would ask?

And when the list exceeded 3, you decided to be witty.

You: “My first wish is that I get 1000 wishes”

Genie: You can’t make a wish like that.

You: “I wish I can make a wish like that”

You: 1 Genie: 0

I still do wish of that sometimes. About having a genie. About getting wishes.

Even if I get just 3 wishes.

I like the world of fantasy. Of fairies and dwarfs. Of genies and demons. Because that way I know that everything is possible.

Because that opens a world of opportunities and more career options 😛

What if I get a wish?

Just ONE.

A chance to do something which I can’t (Atleast not right now)

I can wish for a lot of things.

Love. Health. Money. Power. Sex. A Car. A House.

Yes, all of those things make me happy. But there’s one thing which sweeps me off my feet. Puts me in a mode where everything seems surreal. Where words flow through my mind as fast and free as a waterfall.


Rather, A journey. Of any sorts.

Long-Short, Costly-Cheap, Local-International, Alone-With someone.

Why travelling?

Because I think that’s where everything converges. I still remember that quote from the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. I think that’s what the purpose is.

Here’s the quote

To see the world,

Things dangerous to come,

To see behind walls,

To draw closer,

To find each other and to feel,

That is the Purpose of Life

THE Wish

I want a year.

A year in which I can do nothing but travel. India. And at least 10 other countries.

I got inspired by a friend I met in an AIESEC Conference. His name is Gahaf Tounsi (Search him on Facebook). I want the courage to do that. To just go. Take the leap.

Be Pi Patel in a boat.Stranded in the ocean with life being Richard Parker; initially trying to make you lose faith. But maybe and hopefully, towards the end; befriending you.  

Everyone wants to settle in their life. Everyone want to be financially stable. Get married. Raise kids. (When I say everyone, I am referring to a majority of people who live in my country). Yes, even I want all that. I do. But I really believe that life is short. And seriously fucked up.

You might never settle. You might incur heavy losses in Business. You might get divorced. You might never have a kid.

The point is, I want to take in everything at once. I don’t want to miss on anything. Because everything perishes as fast as it can. And I want to suck up all of that; right till the very core, till nothing is left but memories.

And yes, I believe that travel can give me that.

Call it a step towards Peace.

Call it Happiness.

Call it me “Fulfilling my Potential”

I want a Year.

This is my promise to you all. I will do that in my life. Yes I know I might die and promising about something just after stating that Life can “Put you in a plane and make you feel happy and then push you from 10,000 feet and make you scared and then give you a parachute to again make you happy till you find out that it won’t deploy” fucked up is way too ironical but well, be optimistic dear people.

What if YOU got a wish?

Don’t ponder over what can’t and what can be done,

The power of man’s dream has led it to moon and beyond,

Who knows what you hold within?

What if you were always capable of something;

Something which was “Impossible” in the beginning,

Dream, because you can,

It’s the only place where you can be free,

Where you can be as witty as you want to be, and as strong,

It is the place where you truly belong.

To New Beginning

To New Beginning

You believe in the fact that everything HAS to change?

I do.
I know it’s hard.
YES, I know.

It’s hard to start living without someone whom you called your “life”.
It’s hard to love that toy the same way you loved your previous one.
It’s hard to forget something;something which you still remember.
It’s hard to change.
And harder to accept it.

Things. People. Lifestyle. Choices.

Especially when you like it.

Yes, I’ve lost something and yes i took a lot of time to accept that change.

And you would do anything to reverse that won’t you?

I would if I could.

But world has a very unique way of teaching things.

Pushing you till you fall.
Pushing you till there’s wall.

But sometimes,
Just sometimes,

You fly.

To new beginning.

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