I remember once I had a small blue toy,

I played with it,

I slept with it,

I ate, I climbed, I fell with it.

I remember I had one furry green rug,

I tucked into it at night,

I would shrink my height,

And stretched it with all my might,

It won’t cover my legs,

So I would make a fine teddy out of it,

I shadowed the light with it,

I knew it was small,

But it was my all.

I have a car,

I have a condo with a bar,

I have a boat with those fancy oars,

I have a beautiful house near the shore,

All these things I have borne,

They say it’s the best one could own,

All these BIG, mighty, luxuries I have,

With those faded memories of green and blue,

However hard it tries,

It just can’t match up with it.