I stared as I couldn’t believe what I saw,
Cried as I watched you break the untold law.
Maybe it wasn’t your fault,
You broke my heart in a blow; without a halt.
Maybe it was because you’re cut that way,
Surely your heart didn’t have any say.
But just maybe, maybe you did like it.
Enjoyed a little as you pushed me into that deep dark pit.
And however hard do I pretend,
I do know the latter is true,
And it couldn’t  be mend.
Yes you did had a dark heart,
Like poetry is mine; this is your art.
I do have to say you do it so well,
You have done it many times; I could tell.
I would time and again vilify you,
But for you again; it wouldn’t be new.
I am sure you’ve got a long list,
Of people who’d die for you and whom you killed.
But oh I would top that list,
As I write this beautiful gist.
Of how love could kill like a fire does,
Burn you inside out and turn you to dust.
And as I fall down the dark infinity below,
I will tell tales of how deadly you are
and how quickly your spell grow.
And as I stare through you with my blood-shot eyes,
I finally do get your well-spun lies,
Of how you did me wrong,
And to those other souls,
Of how you made a dent in their lives,
And became a symbol of pain,
And I will make you famous one day,
I swear on the blood I’ve spilt,
And the blood that remains.