Here’s how you read it.

Read it as you do from top to bottom,
But on your way from bottom to top; just read the highlighted words to finish the story.

Everything was going to change.

His feelings for her hadn’t changed since he first saw her.

It was a big day for them.

There was red on the whole floor. It was all covered with roses.

Love was coming right through his heart; pure, unadulterated.

The cake was cut and candles were distinguished.

The table knife fell as he pushed the trolley.

He took The cake and smeared it on her face.

It was ruby coloured; the way she liked.

He threw the box and took it’s belonging in his hands.

She said yes.

He gently, pecked on her lips.

They tied the knot next day.

She had married the guy who had loved her all the time.

Happiness is what was supposed to follow.

She liked love stories, he liked murder mysteries.

They never changed. But never stopped loving.

They were different, but with same motive.

Her sister got molested.

Life changed.

If only she knew who he was.

The sister died.

She was broken.

It was when he was out of town.

The killer did what he had to.

Life had just revealed the ugly part

Death took her sister, her love.

She wanted revenge.

All that she was left with were memories.