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Nahi Chalta

Nahi Chalta

I cannot explain how important Gender Equality seems to me.

That’s right. I started with cannot.
I remember some English professor telling me that never start a speech or something you want to address to people with a negation.

But I did.
You know why?

Because negation appeals to us.
Let’s face it. As much as we want happiness; we feed on cynicism.

We want to do something about something.
But it’s too much work.

This is not a rant. I don’t want it to be that. But I don’t know if it will end up being that or not.

I have a sister. We’re twins.
I come from a family where gender equality has been a given.

Listen, I am not stating that everything is perfect.
I am saying that it is a little better.

Don’t believe for a second that we didn’t have restrictions.
But it was for both of us.

Maybe that’s why I cringe every time I see acts on the lines of sexism and gender bias.

I remember having this conversation last night while we were having dinner.
Kapil Sharma’s show was on the TV.
He must’ve passed a sexist comment maybe.

And as always,as if in perfect sync,
I squinted my eyes,tilted my head, pursed my lips and my teeth… they pressed against each other like long lost lovers.

I am sorry for dramatizing that whole thing. default setting that.

Yes, I am trying to make a point.

The problem is that gender bias has delved deep into our skins.
And as much as it hurts us, we have managed to make peace with it.

Heh. we’ve made peace with it. such an irony.
You know why I am saying that.

This chalta hai attitude is killing us.
You know what?

“Nahi Chalta”

Consider this as a preface. Over the month I will try talk on some topics which I think are important to be discussed. Let’s talk about them. But let’s not stop there.

There’s a fundraiser that has been started by me.
You all might be aware that Global Citizen India is giving free tickets to the Global Citizen Festival for someone who raises 50K in 30 days for the fundraiser.

Let me tell you, I am not doing this for the tickets. I won them already.
This is about addressing a larger, ongoing issue.

I would appreciate if you can go to my fundraiser at donate.
I donated 200 bucks.
Start small. But start.

Gender Equality is a Necessity. Help me raise fund

Let. Me. Be.

I often act like a child,
short attention spans
and big dreams.
I would run around in circles,
run so fast that my lungs will ache for air,
the same way my mouth waters for jalebis.
and I would fall,
partially hurt I would look around with tears in my eyes,
and then wipe them off if no one’s there to wipe them out for me.

you see,
attention is a catalyst.
Of breakdowns and tantrums,
half meant wails and crocodile tears.
So when I look at you with that melancholic smile,
Don’t give me attention.
Don’t ask me how do I feel.
Don’t pull me close and console me.
Don’t hold my hand and take me out for an ice cream.
Because you will leave.And your scent will not.
I will remember.
the short attention span has exceptions.
I will remember your voice echoing in my ears,
I will remember how I rested my chin on your shoulders.
my empty palm will feel incomplete,
heart’s is another will be that toy to me.
the one for which I would bargain my toy train for.
That toy train by the way,
I used to call it my life.
I would push away the dish of jalebis
and make sulky faces.
It would feel exactly like someone had sucked the air out of my lungs.
But I won’t stop.
that glass window of that store still has my DNA.
I would press my face against it and stare at you.
worship you.
and don’t get it.
I WANT you.but children never say the right things right.
What I mean is,
I NEED you.
and you don’,
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