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Six Degrees

Imagine 5 people. Now just for a moment, believe in the idea of parallel universes or rather multiverses.

Wouldn’t they lead different lives in all these universes? How different could it possibly be?


And that idea is perhaps the inception of the book and its stories.

BlogAdda came up with this amazing idea to give 5 characters and their descriptions to the authors and challenged them to come up with an interesting story. Well, not one but three stories.

And they did.

Each story takes a different viewpoint.

While the first touches a little of sci-fi, the second touches mystery and the third one goes with an interesting viewpoint of how everything is not what it seems.

Here, let me give a detailed synopsis of all three stories and my views on it.

1. The Awakening

You must’ve heard of the movie with the same name. No?
Well, I found the plot a little similar to the movie “Hancock”.

What I mean is the basic idea and not the whole plot.

A family of three. A guest. Spooky Neighbor. Enthusiastic Family Friend.

An Alien Invasion sorts.

The story doesn’t lack creativity but I did feel that it got a little boring at some point.
All in all, It was a good read.

2. Entangled Lives

Entangled Lives is a murder mystery. And this one was my favorite!
It is really gripping and while it gets a little too obvious, the end makes up for it 😉

This was a treat.

There’s a murder in the house. Everyone seems to have a motive but is it strong enough to kill someone?

And then you realize that anything can put one off and the human mind breeds demons too.

To be frank, I have never been a fan of murder mysteries; always sounded generic to me. This one stands out.

I loved the poetry. It was sinister and eerie and beautiful!

3. Missing – A Journey Within

A school girl goes missing. A photographer clicks a photo that could be the vital clue. Everything ends well.

This story was too good to be true.
Some very bizarre coincidences and Bollywood vibes.

Have you seen the movie “Ugly”?
This was probably the opposite of the movie.

Or so I think.

There were a few interesting facts but I feel it could have been written better. But then again, with the characters predefined; it couldn’t have been easy.

All in all, it was a good read.

Though frankly, Had it not been for the second story; I won’t have continued reading it.

Why read it?

This is the first book which is a result of collaborations between different people. The transition from the first story to second and from second to third is not that easy as you still have some predefined notions about a character. Read it for the second story 😀
If you are a blogger, do read it. This is an example of how successful collaborations are.

Why not?

Well, it could get a little boring. I think it is a little overpriced.


  1. Shekhar Dutta – Freelance Author, Work-from-home Dad.
  2. Tara Dutta – Wife of Shekhar, works in a company.
  3. Cyrus Daruwala – Law Student residing in Delhi, visiting Mumbai for a reason.
  4. Aryan Ahuja – Neighbor of the Duttas.
  5. Jennifer Joseph – Photographer by profession.



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Once Upon A Time…

Once Upon A Time…

I know of people who have been through some heartbreaks and it can be devastating. But then a few days ago a discussion with a friend sparked these words. I don’t know if this was long overdue or not, but

*This is written from a woman’s perspective.


You know of pain do you?
Can you feel it gushing like blood in your veins?

You know of Love do you?
Has it become as necessary as breathing?

I am damaged goods.
I am a scratched soul.
And I can’t do that anymore.

Love and Pain.

And all I try to do is heal and fail
and then try again to feel.

I try to spread my wings,
And blabber about things.
As I used to.
Once upon a time.

Hm. Once Upon A Time…

It reminds me of those fairy tales
Of dragons and demons.
And princesses running away for wicked queens.

That is what I do.
I run away.
As far and wide I can.

or bullshit.

I am the princess in the tower.
I am the damsel in distress.

And the sad part is,
I don’t want to be saved,
It is not that I don’t want a knight in shining armour,
But I don’t need one.

Look at me.
I look happy.
I am.
I have learned to fool myself.
And people.

Oh Love,
I almost forgot.

Too many missing pieces.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Featured Image Artist: Catrin Walz Stein (courtesy: berlin-artparasites)



Right now, I have my hands-free plugged in and the song that I was playing has just ended. You have done that haven’t you?

Right now, I hear things differently. The sound of the fan above my head, the keys of the laptop as I write and a distant chatter in some random room number of my PG are different than the other ones that I hear. Which sounds?

A faint rhythmic beating of my heart, the sound of that I make when I gulp saliva and my breathing.

The strange melancholy that I am feeling. Maybe it is the song. It left its soul here. Time by Hans Zimmer. You should hear it.

Do you ever feel something and don’t know what to call it?
I do. And at that time, I feel helpless.

Yesterday I came across a word that described something that I had felt over the years.


And today I am here,writing about this.
Why did I make a vague attempt at describing what I was doing?

To let you know that I too exist. I too face what you have faced or are going to.

I often fail at expressing the same in prose as I do in poems. So here we go.

I hope they get to you.

I look out of the window,
raindrops hindering my sight.
I see people passing by,
As the day turns to night.
All I ever wonder is,
Do they share the same joy, the same plight?

Are we all nothing but paper planes?
Reviving at each gush of wind.
Are we not but just a figment?
A lead in ours but also a blur.
Are we all not joy rides in a fair?
Dancing on the tunes which we never knew.

A man dragged onto the shore,
A lady crying as she leans on the door,
A child, laughing and wetting the floor,
The grandmother whom we all adore,
A murderer feeling; leaving behind death and gore.
Me; going through all of it, once more.

There’s story lying around,
Old to them but new to you,
Look at the blur of lights that pass,
Look beyond the memories that lasts,
There’s a whisper dying to say,
“Come, sit, let me tell you a story”

Calvin & Hobbes – Significance

Calvin & Hobbes – Significance


I looked up to see the blanket studded with the shining beacons of hope.
I tried to stay in the moment as they say in the movies.
But some thoughts slipped through the cracks.
I covered my eyes with my hand and peeked through the gap,
And I saw a bright light.
A light that turns doubtful men happy,
and happy men blind.
Blind and deaf to the fact that everything is temporary.
But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter.
It does.
You must know that all your decisions are webbed together to form a fabric we call life.
And that each choice makes a world of its own where our shadows live their own lives.
You might think you don’t have control and that is okay and true,
But not for a second doubt that the thing that you can’t control aren’t affected by the decisions you make.
Everything matters.
You, Me.
The stars, the sea.
So scream your hearts out and say “I am significant”
Remind yourself everyday and let not anyone tell otherwise.
Because if you don’t believe in it,
What’s the point?



I close my eyes and take a deep breath,
I press them hard till all I see is darkness.
Trying to bar all the noise I could,
Lonely; amidst the crowd, I stood.

The sound of the distant bells ringing,
The melodies of a radio singing,
The banter on the road down south,
The quarrel on the phone turning couth.

All I can hear is the sound of the shore,
And above it, screaming; seagulls galore.
I don’t know why I turned to this specific memory,
What made me jump to this point;
Among all these endless possibilities?

What was so special?

The way my hands fitted in his?
The way I stood on his shoulders letting out a wheeze?
Was it the tears that I shed;
The way how they were different than the recent ones I had?
was it the shine in my eyes?
was it because that day I really felt infinite?

I open my eyes as it pulls me down,
Gravity? No.
Reality has a force mightier, and how!
I must be losing the grip,
It almost feels like falling off a cliff.
I see around me and I see no difference at all,
Only the fact that the world is one less person now.

I wonder if it is a good thing or not.
The fact that he left this place of chaos.
I wonder if in the end he got where he started for,
Has he gone to the place where he should’ve been?
A place which deserved souls like him;
That reminds us of sunsets and sea;
Of lights and rain,
touches that heal the pain,
I just want to know if he’s one the way
or has he reached,
A place which is happy and serene.

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