We accept the love we think we deserve.

Haaaaaaave you met TED?

Or Barney. Or Robin?

If you haven’t, this probably might not be very gripping but is surely relatable.

Robin is that toy which we all love.
That toy which sweeps you off your feet.
But again, that toy which you’re afraid to have.
Because you might lose it or break it and THAT would be much more agonizing than not having that toy.

Robin is that dream. The one you have always dreamt.
And you work for it.
You give your heart to it.
But somehow you stop.
Because you might spoil it.
Because not doing everything similar to what you had always dreamt of really crushes your heart. And that pain is unbearable.

It’s that girl. Always have been.
But most of the times we do want things which we know we can’t have. We deliberately aim for something which we know we couldn’t possibly achieve. It’s the never-ending success-failure conundrum which haunts us day in day out.


It’s a relationship you want but you don’t.¬†Because you know deep inside that even if “the whole universe conspires to get what you want” is maybe definitely isn’t meant to be.

But oh won’t you do everything to have Robin!

Steal Blue French Horns.
Lose Races.
Sacrifice your own Happiness.
Search for those little things that matter to her.
Even try to sabotage her wedding.

But you know. I know.

Never gonna happen.

This poem may/may not be relevant. But here it goes

It just doesn’t feel right,
The way I feel at her first sight,
The chords of my heart sings a sweet melody,
But there I stand,silent,struck by her beauty,
But then it isn’t right,
She isn’t mine,
I lost her in a fight.
I wish I could re-spawn,
But that wouldn’t matter a bit,
She is someone else’s.
I still like to keep a little hope alive,
I don’t see a reason to move away,
Yes, it would hurt,
But for being around her? It is worth,
Those feelings won’t just wash away,
They are just buried deep down,
But silently deep inside, I know,
There’s a guy crying out loud,
“I am still standing there,
Always will,
Even if she won’t see,
Even if things are not meant to be”

P.S even if Ted got his Robin we all know it was not how it should have ended, it was how we (read: I) wished it ended.